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All Souls welcomes all people from all kinds of backgrounds, ages, nationalities and walks of life. With over 65 nationalities in the regular congregation and around 2500 on a Sunday, you are sure to meet people like you as well as many who are (very) different!

What happens at your services?


On average, our main services (09:30, 11:30 and 17:30) attract between 850 and 1000 people. While there are specific things we do at special times of the year (like Christmas or Easter), all our services tend to include the following:
  • We sing together a variety of songs, from the contemporary to the traditional (led by our music team)
  • We are led in corporate prayer
  • We have a short time for church family announcements
  • We take up a financial offering during one of the songs (this is voluntary for the Christian family as part of the Christian worship - guests are not expected to contribute)
  • Every few weeks, we share Communion.
  • We hear the Bible read to us, and then explained in a talk (lasting around 30 minutes).
After the service, there is the chance:
  • to pray in confidence with a member of our Prayer Ministry team.
  • to meet others for refreshments in the Waldegrave Hall downstairs.
  • find out more details of events and groups at the Welcome areas.


Are there differences between your services?


Sunday morning services usually share the same sermon (occasionally, the 9:30 is an All Age family service - look out for details on the latest sermon card). The 09:30 has a full programme for children and youth which is when most families attend. A wide cross section of ages attends the 11:30 which has a creche for under 2's.

The 17:30 service follows a different sermon series and offers an unsupervised creche. Many students come to the 11:30 and 17:30, but there are events aimed specifically for them after the 11:30.

We also hold a said Holy Communion service on Sundays at 8am, and a lunchtime service on Thursdays at 13:05. For more information on lunchtime services, click here.

Is there a dress code?


A diverse church like All Souls inevitably sees a wide variety of dress - with varying degrees of formality and fashion sense! The principle is to come as you are! As with everything we do, we always seek to act and live with both acceptance and respect of others (which includes how we dress).

Can I bring my children?


Of course! All ages are always welcome at All Souls. We have a children's worker who oversees our ministry for 0s-11s, and a full time youth worker, Trevor Pearce, who oversees our ministry for 12s-18s. Both lead enthusiastic teams of volunteers, who have all gone through the necessary Criminal Records Bureau checks.

The best service for families is our 09:30, when there are Sunday school groups for different age groups. There are also youth clubs on Friday evenings, and a regular Families' Lunch on Sundays. For details about all these, and more, go to the Families page.

There is a crèche run by an experienced team at both our main morning services; in the evening a room is set up with a live TV relay equipped with toys so that you can sit with your small child and not miss out.


How do I find out what Christians believe?


All Souls has been a safe place for people to ask their questions for many years. We run Christianity Explored, a course specifically designed to engage with questions at the same time as exploring the central claims of the Christian message.

Courses are held regularly throughout the year - click the link to see where and when the next courses will be held.

How do I get involved?

All Souls is a large church and it can at first seem overwhelming. The crucial thing is to get involved. 

For the majority of people, that means joining a life group (which might be Springboard or the Student ministry for example). If you have an idea where you might most feel at home, feel free to contact the relevant ministry leader through this website.

Will I be asked to do anything up front?


The simple answer is 'no'! We welcome many visitors on a Sunday and therefore want All Souls to be as safe and as unthreatening a place as possible. All those involved up at the front have volunteered. So you will never be asked to do anything you do not want to do.

What facilities do your buildings have?

All Souls Church main building is fully accessible with a lift to all floors, disabled toilet, baby changing and buggy storage. However, unfortunately the rooms in Church House, and all rooms at St. Paul's Robert Adam Street are only accessible by stairs. We are sorry that we cannot offer luggage storage at any of our buildings.  We do have a hearing loop system and baby changing facilities.

How can I find historical records regarding baptisms, weddings and funerals held at All Souls Church?

Many people are interested in researching their family histories, and church records such as baptism, wedding or death certificates can be very helpful and interesting pieces of information. Click here to find out how to access these records.

I'm coming to London, can you help me find accommodation?

The best way to find accommodation in London is to look on www.christianflatshare.org. They have everything from lodging through house shares to entire houses or apartments.