On-Site Service Information

Further details about what to expect at our on-site services


As further restrictions continue to lift, we are really looking forward to welcoming more people back to church - but at the same time we are making every effort to continue to keep everyone safe. With this in mind, over July and August we will just make gradual changes to what we are doing and will be reviewing to take account of the national situation.

We encourage everyone to love each other by respecting other attendees and those who may wish to adopt a more cautious approach than your own.

We aim to provide a well-ventilated and reasonably-spaced environment where we hope all will feel safe and welcome.

Before you arrive

We will continue to offer an area of socially-distanced seating in every service. This area will be able to leave the service first in order to avoid contact if that is needed. We will be continuing to make tickets available for this area on Friday afternoon. On arrival there will be someone on the door to scan you in.

Reserve a socially distanced seat.

On arrival

There will still be the option to assist with Track and trace by scanning a QR code on the NHS Covid app, or by signing a list - although this will be your choice.


We believe one of the most helpful things we can all do for each other is to keep our hands clean. We will still be asking everyone to sanitise their hands as they enter the service.


We also believe that wearing masks is still a helpful way to protect each other - particularly when singing. So we will ask you to bring your mask.


Except for the dedicated Covid-safe area, you will be free to sit wherever you please. Once seated we will ask you to remain in your seat to the end of the service.


We are allowed to sing! Initially, though, we will ask you to keep your mask on while singing. We will review this in later weeks.


While the weather is good we will continue to do our socialising outdoors, and will continue to ask stewards to manage the exit from the building. We will review this in September.


Sundays at All Souls

We gather together every week to encourage one another and be equipped for the week ahead. Whether it’s online or in person, we’d love for you to join us.